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Mutatis Mutandis strives to realise a cost reduction and an efficiency increase in the updating process of geo-information. This can be realised by placing spatial change detection as a key factor in national cooperation and in European frameworks for research and development. The companies and institutes involved in this project are displayed below.


Mutatis Mutandis started to build her European research network at the ISPRS symposium in Enschede from 8-11 May 2006. Several European universities have been informed during a special session on the topic of change detection. In the coming weeks they will be consulted about the possible research methodologies and possible funding.

Mutatis Mutandis

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
Main Entry: mu·ta·tis mu·tan·dis
Pronunciation: m(y)ü-'tä-t&s-m(y)ü-'tän-d&s, -'tA-t&s-, -'tan-
Function: adverb
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin
1 : with the necessary changes having been made
2 : with the respective differences having been considered

In the context of this project it means that changes of geodata itself become the product in stead of the traditional end product: the map.

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